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Revitalizing the Community Through Leadership Mentoring and Cultural Creativity
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Welcome To The 7 Center!

The 7 Center Church Building

The 7 Center is a non-profit organization based in Macedon, New York. 

Our mission is to revitalize the community by providing support in 2 areas:
1 – Leadership mentoring for men.
2 – Cultural creativity and the arts

How We Support The Community

Supporting The Arts: Recording studio

Looking to practice, record, or jam out The 7 Center?

We have a well-equipped professional music studio for recording or performing a variety of artistic performances.

The 7 Center uses available technology fueled by creativity and passion, without overwhelming cost.

Musicians can use the studio space to practice, record, or perform.

You can also use outside venues such as the adjacent Bickford Park, where local residents and businesses are invited to attend, listen, and get involved.

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At The 7 Center, our main mission is to revitalize the community through leadership mentoring and cultural creativity. We do this through our various ministries

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Tradesman Guild

Empowering Men Through Leadership and Mentoring At The 7 Center, one of our main missions is to revitalize the community through leadership mentoring for men.

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